viernes, 9 de marzo de 2007

¿Vista o Debian?

Aquí muestro un par de vídeos explicando cómo instalar "Vista" de Windows y "Debian" de GNU/Linux.

Puede que Vista se instale más rápido y fácilmente, pero Debian es mucho mejor :D

Ahí va la muestra de Windows Vista

Y ahí va cómo instalar Debian desde Windows

Después de eso sólo tienes que seguir las instrucciones de AQUI

Fácil ¿no? Si tienes dudas ya sabes lo que tienes que hacer, pasarte por la web de GNUinOS

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Anónimo dijo...

Si es que...y luego me dicen que doy la vara con el vista, ajjajajaja

Ahi ahi a la papelera !!!

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Olivia dijo...

Sabía que te gustaría, se me pasó dedicártelo, que se el amor que tienes por Windows y sobretodo por Vista. Además, donde lo instala el tipo este es dónde mejor puede estar...para qué negarlo jeje

JohnnyT. dijo...

Hi Olivia, Today I read about a rally in Madrid against terrorism and I thought about you. Not because of terrorism but because of Spain. I hope you are doing well. I tried to educate myself a little on the ETA, Basque separatists and what has been going on in Spain. I am very interested in World History and Current events. Did not mean to intrude on your post (unrelated) that I am not sure exactly what it is about. I still want to learn Spanish and communicate with you in Spanish, too. Take care and have a great day!

Olivia dijo...

In Spain has been liberated an assassin of ETA, is because of it that there is so many manifestation. This man killed 25 persons and still he laughs at her relatives. I hope that he rots in the hell and suffers so much as the relatives of her victims. ETA laughs of Spain and the politicians do not make anything to change this, neither a side nor another one. All are false and they only want the power.

In post I speak of how install Vista (Windows) and Debian (GNU/Linux) in the PC. Vista is of laughter je je

Take care and have a great day too

JohnnyT. dijo...

I really like xp and heard that vista is not so good. I am not sure why they have to change something that works so well.
Thank you for your reply and I too hope that anybody who terrorizes innocent civilians for political purpose gets their just rewards in Hell.